Invented by Xiaogang Gu, Frits Goedegebuur, Marc Anton Bernhar Kolkman, Shukun Yu, Lilia Maria Babe, Roopa Santosh Ghirnikar, Jian Yao, Danisco US Inc

The market for novel metalloproteases is rapidly growing, driven by the increasing demand for enzymes with unique properties and applications in various industries. Metalloproteases are a class of enzymes that require metal ions, such as zinc, for their catalytic activity. They play a crucial role in many biological processes and have a wide range of applications in industries such as healthcare, food and beverages, and biotechnology. One of the key drivers of the market for novel metalloproteases is the growing need for enzymes with enhanced properties. Traditional metalloproteases have limitations in terms of stability, specificity, and activity under different conditions. However, with advancements in biotechnology and protein engineering, researchers have been able to develop novel metalloproteases with improved properties. These enzymes can be engineered to have increased stability, enhanced substrate specificity, and improved activity at extreme temperatures or pH levels. This opens up new possibilities for their use in various industries. In the healthcare industry, metalloproteases have applications in wound healing, tissue regeneration, and drug development. They can be used to remove necrotic tissue and promote wound healing by breaking down extracellular matrix proteins. Metalloproteases also play a crucial role in tissue remodeling and regeneration, making them valuable in regenerative medicine. Furthermore, their ability to cleave specific peptide bonds makes them useful in drug development, as they can be used to modify or optimize the activity of therapeutic peptides or proteins. The food and beverage industry is another major market for novel metalloproteases. These enzymes can be used in food processing to improve the texture and flavor of various products. For example, metalloproteases can be used to tenderize meat by breaking down collagen and other connective tissues. They can also be used to enhance the flavor of cheese by accelerating the ripening process. Additionally, metalloproteases can be used in brewing and wine production to improve the clarity and stability of the final products. In the field of biotechnology, metalloproteases have applications in protein purification and analysis. They can be used to cleave fusion tags from recombinant proteins, facilitating their purification. Metalloproteases can also be used in proteomics research to analyze protein structure and function. Their ability to cleave specific peptide bonds allows for the identification and characterization of proteins in complex mixtures. The market for novel metalloproteases is highly competitive, with several companies and research institutions actively involved in their development and commercialization. Some of the key players in the market include Novozymes, BASF SE, and Roche. These companies are investing heavily in research and development to create novel metalloproteases with improved properties and expand their applications in various industries. In conclusion, the market for novel metalloproteases is witnessing significant growth due to the increasing demand for enzymes with enhanced properties and applications in various industries. The development of these enzymes through protein engineering and biotechnology has opened up new possibilities for their use in healthcare, food and beverages, and biotechnology. As research and development in this field continue to advance, we can expect to see even more innovative applications of metalloproteases in the future.

The Danisco US Inc invention works as follows

The present compositions, methods and polynucleotides encode novel metalloproteases.

Background for Novel metalloproteases

Definitions and abbreviations

Metalloprotease polypeptides of the present invention

Nucleic Acids” of the Invention

Methods of Making Modified Polypeptides Metalloproteases of the Invention”.

Vectors and Cells for the Production of Metalloprotease Polypeptides

Fabric and Home Care Products

Compositions having the Metalloprotease polypeptide of the present invention

Metalloprotease Polypeptides for Animal Feed

Metalloprotease polypeptides of present invention for use in textile desizing

Metalloprotease Polypeptides for Use in Bleaching Paper Pulp

Metalloprotease Polypeptides for Protein Degradation: The Present Invention


Example 1.1

Example 1.2

Expression of Metalloprotease ARUPro1

Example 1.3

Proteolytic activity of Metalloprotease ARUPro1

Example 1.4

pH profile of AruPro1 protein

Example 1.5

Temperature Profile of AruPro1 protein

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