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The market for Secure Application Acceleration System and Apparatus is witnessing significant growth in recent years. With the increasing reliance on digital platforms and the growing demand for faster and more secure applications, businesses are investing heavily in advanced technologies to enhance their application performance and security. Secure Application Acceleration System and Apparatus are designed to optimize the performance of applications while ensuring data security. These systems and apparatus use various techniques such as caching, compression, and protocol optimization to accelerate application delivery and reduce latency. Additionally, they incorporate robust security measures to protect sensitive data from cyber threats. One of the key drivers of the market is the rising adoption of cloud-based applications. As more businesses migrate their applications to the cloud, the need for efficient and secure application delivery becomes paramount. Secure Application Acceleration System and Apparatus enable organizations to enhance their application performance, reduce response times, and ensure data integrity, even in cloud environments. Another factor driving the market growth is the increasing number of cyber threats. With the rise in cyberattacks and data breaches, organizations are becoming more cautious about the security of their applications. Secure Application Acceleration System and Apparatus offer advanced security features such as SSL/TLS encryption, DDoS protection, and web application firewalls, which safeguard applications from malicious activities. Furthermore, the market is also driven by the growing demand for mobile applications. As mobile devices become the primary means of accessing applications, businesses need to ensure that their applications are optimized for mobile platforms. Secure Application Acceleration System and Apparatus help in improving the performance of mobile applications, reducing load times, and enhancing the user experience. The market for Secure Application Acceleration System and Apparatus is highly competitive, with several key players offering a wide range of solutions. These players are continuously innovating and investing in research and development to stay ahead in the market. They are also focusing on strategic partnerships and collaborations to expand their customer base and geographical presence. North America holds a significant share in the market, owing to the presence of major technology companies and the increasing adoption of advanced technologies. However, the market is witnessing rapid growth in Asia Pacific, primarily driven by the increasing digitalization and the growing number of internet users in countries like China and India. In conclusion, the market for Secure Application Acceleration System and Apparatus is experiencing substantial growth due to the rising demand for faster and more secure applications. With the increasing adoption of cloud-based applications, the growing number of cyber threats, and the surge in mobile applications, businesses are investing in advanced technologies to optimize their application performance and ensure data security. As the market continues to evolve, it presents lucrative opportunities for both existing players and new entrants in the industry.

The Individual invention works as follows

An improved data storage system and apparatus including an improved storage controller that provides storage compute functionality that enables the acceleration of datacenter software, and that enables easier deployment of application software portions onto storage devices, in a manner that supports runtime performance acceleration of network-latency-throttled applications. Server hosted applications can use mechanisms and methods to deploy, execute, and interact with softwares running on multiple storage devices.

Background for Secure Application Acceleration System and Apparatus

The present AppAccel disclosure is a derivation, expression, and application from technologies described in the earlier Provisional Patent Applications, later F+, and Customizable Storage Controllers (CSC), identified above.

This application is a cloud-based Enterprise datacenter that acts as a “thinking machine” or as an infrastructure for processes and applications that simulate thinking, provide problem solving capabilities, and solve real world problems. This problem-solving will include real-time reactions to changing real-world conditions, such as smarter factories, air traffic, rail and road systems, healthcare and medical systems, weather and atmospheric patterns, etc. ), etc. Other examples include “batch” “We can now analyze deep problems which have previously eluded analysis.

Some will be real-time decision support systems, which work in conjunction with humans to make decisions and analyze opportunities like trading on the market.

But this evolution is a step towards creating a foundation of thinking machines which solves problems with high social and economic values.

The datacenter infrastructure includes servers, storage, and the networks that connect them. Cognitive Computing As A Service (CCaaS), the next evolution, benefits from both CSC storage improvements as well as the Application Acceleration invention (AppAccel).

This application discloses an enabling technology, an approach to positioning storage-network-latency-throttled executables closer to the relevant storage contents. In the preferred embodiment,’search’ is used as an example. This is fundamental to algorithms and analytics. The technology can be used regardless of the network topologies and technologies that are being considered. It is also useful regardless of what server or storage technologies may be employed.

This application disclosure relates to a system, method, or mechanism used to run software, including search software, on a storage medium, particularly search software that is tailored to the content of the device. The software can be part of an application framework, such as Big Data Analytics, which is a larger software application.

The objectives include accelerating applications in datacenters, particularly Big Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing and by reducing traffic on the network, reducing round-trips from server to storage, placing search close to data and enabling a “deeper”search and constant re-search. “The objectives include accelerating datacenter applications, especially Big Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing by reducing network traffic, reducing the number of server to storage round-trips, positioning search proximate to data and enabling?deeper?

This technology supports emerging datacenter storage architectures as well as the Software Defined Data Center paradigm (SDDC), which is intended to deal the massive scaling of storage resources. This invention is not limited to Ethernet (TCP or IP) or other connection mechanisms such as FC, iSCSI, etc. This invention supports all network-connected storage interfaces (or network like channel) and storage device types, even those that have not yet been invented.

This disclosure is an expression, derivation, and application, of the Bubble Technology described in my provisional application No. The disclosure is an expression, derivation, and application of the Bubble technology described in my Provisional Application No. Patents.

Cloud datacenters are growing and evolving. This success is the result of several complementary technology groups interacting. AppAccel affects a number of these, with complementary improvements.

The novel, non-obvious and useful technology disclosed by this application relates to the acceleration of algorithms that run in data centers against very large datasets.

The problem is that the latency of large storage requests across data center networks (or other communications links) causes slow software execution.

This invention is derived in part from the subject matter disclosed above in my Provisional and Utility Patent applications disclosures of FlashApp bubbles on USB Flash Drives as well as Storage Firewall and CSC Technologies, and all rights to be first inventor are claimed.

The CSC technology allows you to store (?host?) CSC-equipped devices can be used to execute and store application software. This can be used to accelerate Big Data analytics algorithms. These portions of application software are the ones that would otherwise make the most storage accesses and therefore, the most over-the network storage transactions. This results in faster software and fewer network transactions.

Search is one of the best candidates for algorithms that should be run on storage devices close to the data. All Big Data Analytics use some form of search. This is why they are accelerated. “It does not matter if Ethernet (TCP or IP), some other connection mechanisms such as FC (iSCSI), and future extensions thereof, can support all network (or channel-like network) connected storage interfaces, storage device types, etc.

My prior patents described my Customizable Storage Controller technology as an application and set of improvements of my F+ Storage Firewall Support System platform technologies. This was done to support multiple storage controllers, update these as necessary, and run applet portions Enterprise and Cloud software software close to stored (and protected data). CSC data and device security technologies are related to the CSC’s protection (threat models, protection mechanisms).

AppAccel is a result of an important innovation that allows for the hosting and support of application software on compatible storage device. This invention accelerates Big Data Analytics and other important application software in datacenters. The acceleration effect can be achieved by reducing the number round trips between the datacenter application servers, and the storage by running the storage-facing parts of the application software. The storage and network stack latency cost of each storage access network round trip can be reduced by using the invention described below.

This disclosure describes how to speed up Big Data Analytics, and other applications which work with large datasets. This disclosure focuses on data-centric (really dataset-centric) algorithms, improved storage, and application execution services. It takes much less time to finish or achieve useful results when working with very large datasets.

AppAccel achieves the performance goal

The datacenter architect, and other people concerned with the performance of applications should aim to reduce the time it takes to search through a large number of datasets.

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