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Methods systems, apparatus, and methods are provided in this document, which comprise computer programs stored on storage media for computers which can be utilized to perform execution of services. One of the methods includes receiving a request for service by a user via the service device. The service device determines a service execution policy that matches the service request using a predetermined data analysis model and the service request is completed by an analysis of the data in a first-type blockchain transaction in the blockchain of every first-type blockchain network of at two blockchain networks of first-type. The service device executes the service requested based on the execution policy.

As the technology develops, blockchain technologies, data recording modes that are based on blockchain networks have slowly developed.

It is possible, for instance to establish a network for copyright-protected works as well as copyright information (copyright owner information, copyrightauthor information, copyrightassignment information and more.) in the copyright protection region. of the copyrighted works. Every user is able to submit a work they have created to any node of the blockchain network. The node then creates a transaction in the blockchain based on the targetwork as well as the user’s personal details and broadcasts it to other Nodes. The nodes of the blockchain network will record the blockchain transaction to blockchains based on the consensus algorithm, which is equivalent to performing distributed recording of thefact “the target work was created by the user”.

In fact, there are many blockchain networks that provide data recording services on the market. The blockchain networks are not independent of one another and there are barriers to information among them. This makes it difficult to integrate the data from the network in order to analyze and understand the full value of data.

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