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The portable device for communication can be used to connect to various communications networks. An antenna is utilized to take in the first signal within the frequency band which corresponds to a first mobile network. Another signal from the frequency band that is related to a second network is taken in by the portable communication device. Although one of the initial communication circuits and the second communication circuit is not being driven, the other communication circuit is configured to be driven.

1. Field

The invention is generally referred to as an electronic device that can be used for communications and, in particular to a portable communications device supporting multiple wireless communication protocols.

2. Description of Related Art

An electronic device (e.g., a portable communication device) may include at least one antenna for transmitting/receiving a signal to/from an external device (e.g., a base station), and a radio frequency (RF) front end module for connecting eachantenna and a communication circuit inside the electronic device, and processing a transmitted/received signal. The portable communication device includes an RF front end module and an antenna that can be able to support a specific frequency and protocol in accordance with the commercially available technology for communication.

As technology for communication advances and improve, standards for communication that provide higher transmission speed and communication quality have been prescribed and commercialized. A portable device for communication could include an RF front module as well as an antenna that supports various wireless communication protocols.

An antenna and an RFfrontend module can be shared when the device is portable and supports multiple wireless communications protocols. If an antenna as well as an RFfrontend module are both part of multiple wireless communication protocols, it is possible for one protocol to be deactivated when the other channels that support that protocol are active.

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