Startup and New Business Guide for Atlanta Inventors With Patentable Inventions

Those with an idea for a new product should consider the advantages of going it alone. This is especially important if the idea is unique. An inventor can protect his or her idea from competition by utilizing a provisional patent. A provisional patent can be granted before the invention is publicly disclosed. This protects the right to market the product. Provisional patents can be obtained for a period of five years and are valid until the invention is put to use in the market.

Keeping your invention confidential until after applying for a patent

If you’re an inventor, you probably understand the importance of keeping your invention confidential until you apply for a patent. A patent is a form of intellectual property protection that the US government provides for your invention. It grants you exclusive rights to use and make your invention for a specific period of time. Once granted, a patent protects your idea from anyone else who wants to copy or reproduce it. Keeping your invention secret will protect it from others and prevent others from stealing it, so you should take precautions to keep it private until after you apply for a patent.

The first step in filing for a patent is identifying your invention. This is an important step as the disclosure of your invention can lead to third parties filing for patents on your idea. If you don’t keep your invention confidential, you’ll end up losing your patent rights and potentially incurring a costly lawsuit to recover your original idea. If you’re worried about losing your intellectual property, remember that you have one year to come up with a better plan.

While it may seem easy to keep your invention confidential until you apply for a patent, it can be difficult to obtain one. Although manufacturers and engineers are used to signing confidentiality agreements, you may find that getting a confidentiality agreement from a stranger can be a tricky process. Often, this can cause problems when dealing with investors, so it’s best to contact a patent attorney as soon as you know you want to keep your invention secret.

Creating a field that is purely yours (graphene material) vs. a field that is purely theirs (radio electronics)

The problem with creating a field that is purely yours is that you have no control over what the other side is doing. This makes it hard to create a wireless device that works. However, a graphene device is a great candidate for wireless electronics. For example, it could be used to detect signals.

Two-dimensional materials are a promising avenue for future research. They possess unique physical properties that make them useful for a variety of applications, including solar cells, integrated circuits, and energy storage. In fact, 2D materials have unique optical and electrical properties. It’s up to you to figure out how to use them in the best way.

Graphene is a zero-gap semiconductor, which means it doesn’t have a gap. Because of its zero gap, it conducts electricity. In other words, graphene is an ideal material for electronics and sensors. Dean’s team created a sandwich that has two layers of graphene on one layer and a single layer on top. The researchers studied the sandwich at temperatures above absolute zero. When the temperature went below absolute zero, the graphene stopped conducting electricity. This makes it an excellent candidate for wearable electronics.

Graphene materials can be used for many different applications. They are also used in transistors. The problem with graphene devices is that their performance is limited by their physical structure. The transistors on graphene devices are not completely transparent and therefore, they have high resistance. There are two locations where resistance is high – the gate graphene and the source and drain contacts. In addition, there is another region of high resistance called the access region.

Provisional patents protect your right to go to market

If you have an invention that may qualify for a patent, you can protect it with a provisional patent. A provisional patent will protect your right to go to market before anyone else does, giving you a higher chance of success. This protection can be valuable for independent inventors who have to demonstrate their invention to potential manufacturers. In order to protect your rights to market, you must properly document your invention.

Before you can get a non-provisional patent, you must file a provisional application. This will grant you a year of additional time to get your patent approved. However, this process can take two to four years. In addition, during this time, the Patent Office may loosen up its interpretation of the patent law. Therefore, it’s important to get the right application filed and protected as soon as possible.

Once you submit a provisional patent, your intellectual property attorney can help you convert it into a full patent application. You will also need to decide whether to file your patent in the USA or abroad. If you intend to file a patent in multiple countries, you will need to file a PCT, or patent cooperation treaty, which allows you to use the same patent in more than one country. You will need to pay an annual fee for a provisional patent.

Financial Inclusion & Investing event at Georgia Tech Library

If you’re an inventor living in Atlanta and you’d like to learn how to get funded for your new business, attend the Financial Inclusion & Investing event on November 13 at Georgia Tech Library. The event is sponsored by Valor Ventures and will be held from 8:30am to 10:30am. The library is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also offers Family Storytime sessions and an Innovation & Ideation Studio area.

FSIL’s research includes Responsible and Sustainable Finance, FinTech, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. The lab’s goals are to help underserved and underbanked consumers improve their financial health and wealth. The lab also supports research on financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, and innovation in Atlanta. In addition to advancing the field of financial services, this initiative also supports Georgia Tech students, undergraduate, and graduate-level studies.

The InVenture Prize competition is an Emmy Award-winning innovation competition. It is open to all Georgia Tech undergraduate and graduate students. It aims to foster invention and creativity among future entrepreneurs. The competition is co-sponsored by Georgia Public Broadcasting and GPB. The program has turned an ordinary invention competition into a high-energy, televised competition.

Center for Civic Innovation

Center for Civic Innovation is a non-profit organization that provides resources for inventors with patentable inventions. The Center began as a failed startup but has since grown into a highly successful organization. It provides workshops, leadership breakfast sessions, and mentoring to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their business. To date, they have helped more than 100 Atlanta inventors with their patentable inventions.

Entrepreneurship is a key aspect of growing a business, and the Entrepreneurship Center of the Urban League of Greater Atlanta can help. With mentorship, business planning, and other assistance, founders can become successful and build a positive impact. The Center for Civic Innovation’s Startup and New Business Guide for Atlanta inventors with patentable inventions is an excellent resource.


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