In the ever-evolving world of startups, where ideas transform into groundbreaking innovations, safeguarding intellectual property (IP) stands as a cornerstone for success. The Canadian government’s groundbreaking initiative, the ElevateIP grant, is a testament to the recognition of this importance. With a substantial investment of $90 million over four years, starting in 2022-2023, this grant is poised to revolutionize the way Canadian startups manage and leverage their intellectual property assets.

ElevateIP Objectives: Nurturing Innovation through Strategic IP Support

Facilitating IP Supports

At the core of ElevateIP lies the mission to empower Business Accelerators and Incubators (BAIs) across Canada to deliver targeted IP support services to startups. The guidance, resources, and expertise provided through this initiative aim to equip startups with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the intricate world of intellectual property.

Increasing IP Capacity

ElevateIP recognizes that a thriving startup ecosystem requires a solid foundation of IP knowledge. To achieve this, the initiative focuses on enhancing IP education programs within the BAI ecosystem. ElevateIP aims to prepare startups for the challenges and opportunities that arise on their journey by fostering a culture of understanding and proficiency in IP matters.

Customized Supports

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Recognizing the unique challenges faced by startups, ElevateIP enables BAIs to offer tailored and customized IP support. This personalized approach ensures that startups receive assistance aligned with their specific requirements, whether it’s securing patents, trademarks, or copyrights.

Comprehensive IP Programming: A Blueprint for Success

The successful implementation of ElevateIP hinges on collaboration with the existing Canadian BAI network. This collaboration is directed towards delivering comprehensive IP programming that spans three crucial areas.

IP Education and Awareness

ElevateIP initiates workshops, programs, conferences, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities to elevate IP awareness among startups. By providing educational resources and platforms, startups gain the necessary insights to make informed decisions regarding their intellectual property.

Development of IP Strategies

Strategic IP management is a key differentiator for startups. ElevateIP supports startups in developing effective IP strategies by providing essential tools, talent, and resources. This holistic approach ensures that startups not only identify and protect their IP assets but also maximize their value.

Implementation of IP Strategies

Developing a strategy is just the first step; effective implementation is equally crucial. ElevateIP assists startups in translating their IP strategies into actionable steps, ensuring that they achieve the outlined objectives. This hands-on support is vital for startups looking to secure and leverage their IP assets for sustainable business growth.

ElevateIP Recipients: Navigating the Innovation Landscape

The selection of five recipients, including Springboard Atlantic Inc., MAIN, Communitech Corporation, University of Calgary with Innovate Calgary & Lethbridge Economic Development, and New Ventures BC Society, reflects the geographical diversity of Canada. These recipients are entrusted with the responsibility of providing IP programming and support services within their respective regions.

Claiming Your Share of the $90M ElevateIP Grant

Now, the burning question for Canadian startups is: How can they claim their share of the $90 million ElevateIP grant? The process is designed to be accessible, supportive, and conducive to fostering innovation.

1. Stay Informed

The first step for startups is to stay informed about the ElevateIP grant and its objectives. Regularly check the official channels of the Canadian government and ElevateIP for updates, announcements, and guidelines related to the grant.

2. Engage with BAIs

As ElevateIP works in collaboration with Business Accelerators and Incubators (BAIs), startups should actively engage with these organizations. BAIs are the gateway to accessing the grant, and their involvement is crucial for startups to benefit from ElevateIP’s support services.

3. Understand Your Needs

ElevateIP emphasizes customized support tailored to the unique requirements of startups. Before approaching BAIs, startups should have a clear understanding of their IP needs and challenges. This self-awareness will enable them to make the most of the tailored support ElevateIP offers.

4. Prepare a Strong Case

When engaging with BAIs and ElevateIP, startups should be prepared to articulate a strong case for how the grant will benefit their intellectual property management and overall business strategy. Clearly outline your current IP status, plans, and how ElevateIP support can make a difference.

5. Collaborate with Recipients

The selected recipients, such as Communitech Corporation and others, are pivotal in the distribution of IP programming and support services. Collaborating with these organizations can provide startups with valuable insights and a direct pathway to accessing ElevateIP resources.

Communitech’s Role in IP Strategy Enhancement: A Case Study

Communitech Corporation, a recipient of $38 million from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), emerges as a noteworthy example of ElevateIP’s impact. This substantial funding positions Communitech to play a pivotal role in enhancing IP strategies for startups.

Focus on IP Strategy

Communitech’s commitment to utilizing the funding to provide startups with resources, expertise, and guidance emphasizes the importance of a robust IP strategy. The organization aims to help startups identify and protect their intellectual property assets, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Access to Expertise

The infusion of funds enables Communitech to bring in IP experts who will offer valuable guidance and support to startups. Navigating the complexities of IP protection, understanding patent applications, conducting IP audits, and developing strategies for commercializing IP assets become more accessible with expert support.

IP Training and Workshops

Communitech goes beyond individual guidance by organizing training programs and workshops. These initiatives are designed to educate startups about the nuances of intellectual property, covering rights, enforcement, licensing, and monetization strategies.

Collaboration and Networking

An aspect that sets Communitech apart is its emphasis on collaboration. The organization aims to create a collaborative ecosystem involving startups, legal professionals, industry experts, and investors. This holistic approach ensures that startups not only protect their IP but also thrive in an environment that fosters innovation.

PowerPatent: Revolutionizing Patent Filing

In the quest to fortify IP strategies, startups can leverage cutting-edge tools like PowerPatent. This AI software tool is designed to streamline the patent filing process, introducing automation, accuracy, and comprehensive search and analysis capabilities.

PowerPatent Overview

PowerPatent’s strength lies in its ability to automate repetitive tasks associated with patent filing. By enhancing accuracy and providing robust search and analysis features, PowerPatent becomes an invaluable asset for startups looking to navigate the patenting landscape.

Cost-Effective IP Strategies

Startups awarded the ElevateIP grant, particularly the $38 million earmarked for Communitech, can amplify the impact of the grant by embracing PowerPatent. The advanced automation features significantly reduce the reliance on expensive legal assistance, leading to cost-effective IP strategies.

Comprehensive Patent Search and Analysis

PowerPatent’s robust search and analysis capabilities empower startups to conduct thorough searches, identify prior art, and assess patentability. Integrating AI algorithms ensures efficient and accurate results, allowing startups to make informed decisions about their patent strategies.

Enhancing Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing with PowerPatent

Collaboration within Communitech

PowerPatent not only streamlines the patent filing process but also facilitates collaboration within the Communitech community. The software allows for easy sharing and collaboration on patent drafts, enabling startups to gather valuable feedback from mentors, experts, and peers.

Demonstrating the Value of PowerPatent

Showcasing the value of PowerPatent within the Communitech community becomes crucial. Live demonstrations and training sessions are instrumental in illustrating the efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of PowerPatent. This hands-on approach instills confidence among entrepreneurs, fostering broader adoption of the software.

Empowering Startups for Success

In the intricate realm of intellectual property, ElevateIP, combined with strategic initiatives like those led by Communitech and innovative tools like PowerPatent, unfolds a pathway for startups to thrive. The journey involves not only securing and protecting intellectual property but also fostering a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

Maximizing the Impact: A Holistic Approach

As startups embark on their journey to harness the benefits of the $90 million ElevateIP grant, a holistic approach is essential. ElevateIP, Communitech, PowerPatent, and the startups form a symbiotic ecosystem where each element plays a crucial role.

ElevateIP as the Foundation

ElevateIP serves as the foundation, providing the necessary financial and strategic support for startups across Canada. The grant’s focus on education, strategy development, and implementation ensures a comprehensive approach to intellectual property management.

Communitech as the Catalyst

Communitech, armed with substantial funding, acts as a catalyst within this ecosystem. By focusing on the Southern Ontario region, Communitech aims to create a hub of innovation, collaboration, and IP protection. Its collaborative approach involving startups, legal professionals, industry experts, and investors creates an environment conducive to success.

PowerPatent as the Enabler

PowerPatent, as a cutting-edge tool, becomes the enabler for startups to navigate the complexities of patent filing. Its automation features not only save valuable time and resources but also make intellectual property strategies more cost-effective.

Startups as the Innovators

At the heart of this ecosystem are the startups themselves. Armed with newfound knowledge, guided by strategic initiatives, and equipped with innovative tools, startups can chart a course for success. The ElevateIP grant becomes a catalyst for innovation, providing the necessary resources for startups to transform ideas into tangible intellectual property assets.

Navigating the Competitive Landscape

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In the competitive landscape of the global economy, intellectual property is a powerful differentiator. ElevateIP, Communitech, and PowerPatent collectively empower startups to not only survive but thrive in this landscape. The collaboration between government initiatives, strategic organizations, and innovative tools creates a synergy that propels Canadian startups onto the global stage.

Looking Ahead: A Roadmap for Future Success

As the ElevateIP initiative gains momentum and organizations like Communitech continue to make strides in IP strategy enhancement, the future looks promising for Canadian startups. The ongoing collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovative solutions pave the way for a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.


In conclusion, the ElevateIP grant emerges as a beacon of hope and opportunity for Canadian startups. Intellectual property once considered a complex landscape, is now navigable with the strategic support of ElevateIP, the proactive initiatives of organizations like Communitech, and the technological prowess of tools like PowerPatent. This collective effort not only protects the innovative spirit of startups but also propels them toward unprecedented success in the competitive world of business. As the journey unfolds, Canadian startups stand poised to claim their shares of the $90 million ElevateIP grant, unlocking a new era of innovation, collaboration, and intellectual property excellence.