Inventors and Patents From the City of Houston

The Office of Technology Transfer and Innovation is responsible for managing all the University of Houston’s patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property. The office helps faculty and researchers with their patent applications and serves as the gateway to innovation at UH. It works to connect the University of Houston with the Houston business community. It also oversees the IP Committee, the Chancellor’s Technology Bridging Fund, and the Innovation Center and Labs.

Life sciences

Houston is home to a large number of life sciences inventors and companies. This diversity is reflected in the number of patents awarded in the area. For example, a 1977 patent awarded to the Johns Hopkins University focused on nucleic acids, which induce interferon production in humans. At the time, the patent generated little controversy, but public debate changed in December 1980.

Semiconductor device manufacturing

In the area of semiconductor device manufacturing, the City of Houston has numerous inventors who have patented innovative products in this field. The inventions typically involve semiconductor devices that have low production costs and high productivity. The manufacturing process of these devices begins with an oxide semiconductor film which is subjected to a heat treatment process to enhance its purity and reduce impurities such as moisture. Then, it is cooled slowly under an oxygen atmosphere.

Patents issued in this field have declined most in recent years. The Texas System is ranked in the top five for this field, with Austin’s No. 1 ranking over the period 2001-2005. Inventors from Austin account for about 25 percent of UT patents during this period, while those from Houston make up only 7%.

The inventions in this field relate to a process for manufacturing liquid crystal displays, such as those used in televisions. The inventions can reduce the photography step by forming multiple contact holes simultaneously. The inventions also include a method to manufacture a transistor. The transistor is comprised of an oxide semiconductor layer and a channel formation region.


If you want to file a patent for a new invention in Houston, you have several options. First, you can hire a patent attorney to help you. A patent lawyer will research your invention to ensure that it has not been used by someone else. If you’re looking to patent an idea or invention, the patent attorney Houston, TX services are highly valued by inventors from the Houston area.