Inventors and Patents From the City of Kent Have a Successful Month of July

In July, a Kent inventor was granted a patent for his invention: a method to identify burning by monitoring the water level in a fire. The invention, dubbed Novinium, was approved on July 19. It took more than a year from the filing date to the grant date. While a patent may be a necessity to protect an invention, it is not a guarantee of commercial success.

X-ray tube

Inventors from the City of Kent have had a successful month of July, with five patents granted in that month. Among those issued, one is for a method for detecting the presence of fire by measuring the water level in a fire hydrant. This invention is being developed by Novinium, Inc. The patent was approved on July 19.

Vibrational device for stimulating tissue and organs

A vibrating device delivers small signals that are transmitted through the body to stimulate tissue and organs. The device uses a low-frequency vibratory platform that generates small displacements of about 120 microns. The vibrations are delivered through the body to stimulate bone marrow cells. The device can be applied to the skin of the foot, ankle, or leg. However, it should be noted that a manual vibration device cannot produce the same therapeutic frequency as an electrical device.