Inventors and Patents From the City of Maple Grove, Minnesota

Maple Grove is a city in Minnesota, United States. The community is located near Minneapolis, Minnesota. It borders six other communities: Dayton, Champlin, Brooklyn Park, Medina, Rogers, New Hope, and Plymouth. The city has many major highways passing through it, including Interstate 94, Interstate 494, and Interstate 694. Most of the major thoroughfares are maintained by Hennepin County.


Inventors and patents are an important part of American history and are an important part of the national identity. These documents document the development of major technologies as well as incremental innovations that continue to fuel growth. The United States has a long-standing tradition of enthusiasm for new technologies and innovation. This excitement has fueled debates over incentives for innovation and the need to diversify STEM fields. However, the history of patents is complex and includes many obstacles. Minority inventors and women in particular have faced challenges when trying to secure support for their inventions.

Inventors in Maple Grove

In the City of Maple Grove, the City of Minnesota, we are proud of our rich history of invention and innovation. In fact, our city is home to many inventors and patents. The following table lists some of our local inventors and their inventions. All of their names and hometowns are included.

Inventors in Woodbury

Inventors in the City of Maple Grove have made their mark on a wide variety of fields. Some of the products that they developed are used in everyday life. One example is the safety guard that is used for railway cars. Another invention is a check rein holder.

In Minnesota, there are many companies that rely on innovation. These companies are a testament to the innovative spirit of the people who live here. In fact, many Minnesota inventors have gone on to become successful businesspeople. One such inventor is Earl E. Bakken. Bakken studied electrical engineering at the University of Minnesota. He then co-founded Medtronic, which is now a world leader in Spine, Biologics, and CardioVascular technologies.

Another example of an Inventor from Maple Grove is 4C Medical Technologies, which manufactures an expandable prosthetic heart valve. In addition to the medical applications, 4C Medical Technologies’ innovative product targets backward flow of blood through the mitral heart valve. In addition, the company recently won a patent for its new device.

There are several ways to discover unknown inventions. One way is to search for the city of Maple Grove in Minnesota. In Minnesota, a large number of people file patents, and a search on Patent Buddy can identify inventors who are living in Maple Grove.

One notable patent in Maple Grove is for a horse sun-bonnet. The invention improved on an earlier patent and used bands and elastic attachments to keep the head of the horse covered. The invention was a major improvement on an earlier version. The patent-holder went on to obtain a design patent in 1871 and a third patent in 1873 for a better sun-bonnet.

Another invention, MoneyGram International, was recently granted a patent. The six co-inventors on the patent were a group of individuals who developed a method for verifying a person’s identity in a money transfer receive transaction. The invention was created by Keith Fulton, Dallas, Chris Van Matre, and Billy Joe Steiger, Jr., of Ovilla, Texas. Other co-inventors include Eric J. Sander and Olakunle H. Olamuyiwa, Lagos.