Inventors and Patents From the City of Milpitas

Inventors from the City of Milpitas have produced some of the world’s most innovative products. These include the Neonatal artificial bubble and the Diamond scalpel. These were both invented and patented in the city. Find out more about these innovations below.

Neonatal artificial bubble

The Levano neonatal artificial bubble is a medical device that stabilizes the baby’s body temperature while minimizing fan noise and risk of contamination. It is designed to be quick and easy to use, enveloping the newborn in a warm and oxygen-enriched environment within two seconds. The patented design also minimizes condensation around the corrugated areas and allows for easy access to the newborn without the use of a fan.

The device consists of a thermal base container and a collection line that converges air and oxygen lines. The two gases are mixed in the collection line and then heated by an electronically controlled heater. The air is then humidified in a recipient 24. The resulting pre-defined gaseous mixture flows into the neonatal cupola 10, where it flows out to the external environment. The device also has a bacterial filter 18 and flow and temperature sensors.

Diamond scalpel invented in Milpitas

In the 1950s, a Venezuelan scientist and physician invented the first diamond scalpel. This innovative instrument consists of a diamond handle and a diamond blade. This type of blade is either natural or synthetic, and is 40 times sharper than steel blades. The blade is also resharpable.

Although the blade of a modern scalpel looks nothing like that of Neolithic man, it is still incredibly sharp. Compared to a traditional household razor blade, which is between 300 and 600 angstroms, a diamond scalpel has an edge of over a thousand angstroms. These blades also heal with little to no scarring.

Diamond scalpel patented in Milpitas

The Diamond scalpel, first patented in Milpitas, CA, is now sold throughout the world. Unlike the old steel scalpels, the modern version is made of ultra-sharp diamond blades. They’re designed with safety and speed in mind.

The company also offers an annual maintenance program that includes two free diamond cleanings and 20% off repairs. This program is designed to keep the blade sharp and prevent its edge from deteriorating. A regular cleaning is essential to maintain the edge of the blade. It’s also a good idea to check the epoxy that holds the blade in place and make sure it doesn’t swell and lose its integrity.