Inventors and Patents From the City of Morrisville

If you are curious about the number of inventors and patents granted in the Morrisville area, you have come to the right place. This article details the latest information on inventors and patents from the Morrisville area. Whether you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or a small town in the mid-west, you can learn about the latest patents in the area.


Inventors from Murraysville can boast some impressive accomplishments. For example, Russell May was awarded a patent for a device that warns when an engine is about to fail. Krishnan Ramu, meanwhile, designed a more energy-efficient motor. And Mark Froggatt invented a device that can pack more information into a fiber-optic cable. Each of these people lived within a ten-mile radius of one another. Their community is like a miniature Silicon Valley.

The list also features names of the women inventors. The list was compiled in 1859 by Martha Coston, a widow. She was a patent clerk when her husband died in 1856. In addition to that, she went with the patent and ran with it. This invention revolutionized naval communication and the United States Navy quickly adopted three-colored pyrotechnics. The Coston Supply Company was a long-running and successful business. In fact, the company operated well into the 1970s.

Patents granted

Patents granted by the City of Murraysville are a unique way to protect the city’s intellectual property. A design patent can be granted to a person who has invented a new ornamental design for an article of manufacture. The patent can cover the specific appearance of an article and is valid for 14 years. Examples of items covered by design patents include lamps, vases, furniture, and more. In order to apply for a design patent, a person should submit a provisional application. The provisional application is intended to provide an early U.S. filing date, but it is not extendible.

Other inventors who owned patents in the city included Gibbons G. Hickman and S. G. Brett. In addition, John C. Wiltsie and J. Foster, Jr. had patents on the invention of a carpet lining. Other inventors who held patents on new equipment included Samuel Remington and B. D. Saroni. Another notable patent was granted to Lydia A. Seago.

Inventors in Morrisville

There are a handful of Morrisville inventors who are currently holding patents. One of them is Todd Thomas, the town and village planning director. He is working to make Morrisville’s history and art walk more popular. He has been giving walking tours to the public to create interest. He is also working to develop a device to help those with mobility issues.

Inventors in Dallas-Fort Worth

Inventors in the Dallas-Fort Worth region are a diverse group. The growth of three major industries in the area has given rise to a unique combination of creative minds. These include semiconductors, telecommunications, and defense and aerospace. Since the opening of Air Force Plant 4 in 1942, more than 20,000 people are employed by military and aerospace companies in the region.

Inventors in DFW make important contributions to the development of the state’s intellectual property. For example, DFW inventors have ranked high nationally in the field of data storage and transmission, and they are also leaders in the field of chemically bonding multiple elements.

The state is home to many famous inventors. A notable example of a Texas-based invention is the electronic desktop calculator. In the 1960s, it was one of the most advanced arithmetic machines. A Dallas-based company called Texas Instruments developed a handheld version of the calculator, which was known as the Cal Tech. The handheld version was released in 1970.

During her early years, Garcia created bookmarks from yarn and sold them door-to-door. Later, she launched a business selling peanut butter-flavored maple syrup. Though the maple syrup was a huge hit, Garcia encountered some obstacles. The cost of production was high, and she had to store thousands of units. Many pessimists told Garcia that her idea would never sell. But her family believed in her and loaned her the capital necessary to get her startup off the ground.