Inventors and Patents From the City of Santa Clarita

Two inventions filed in Santa Clarita in April were granted patents. One, by the Leatt Corporation, was approved on April 26. In April, the longest time between filing a patent application and a grant occurred: 707 days. But obtaining a patent is not a sure-fire way to a successful business.

UC Santa Cruz

The City of Santa Clarita is home to several inventors and businesses that have been credited with inventing new products. One such business, Plantronics, is the largest private employer in the city. Since 2003, it has been the recipient of over 100 patents. One of its employees, Christoph Koch, is listed as an inventor of five headsets and a charger. Many employees live in different locations and work in teams. Many of them receive federal grants for research and development.

Another area business is Magnolia Broadband. The company has a patent for a method of creating electronic backups. The patent was developed by four co-inventors from the area. One of them is a Santa Clarita resident. The other two co-inventors of this technology are Kai F. Goebel and Bhaskar Saha.

Another city business that has been recognized as an innovator is Merck Sharp & Dohme. In addition to the local company, they have a patent for a drug to treat cystic fibrosis. The company is located in Rahway, New Jersey. The patent was developed by four co-inventors: Madaline Chirica of Dedham, Massachusetts, Robert A. Kastelein of Portola Valley, California, and Kevin Moore of Palo Alto, California. Another Santa Clarita-based company has a patent for a new treatment for atopic dermatitis. The company also received patents for a new diagnostic device for the treatment of rashes and hives.

The SCV Senior Center has produced a special event to celebrate the accomplishments of its citizens in science and technology. The evening includes a lecture and recital by Tiffany Travillion. The event will be followed by refreshments.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University has been awarded a patent for protective cathode coatings for lithium-ion batteries. The patent was filed on Feb. 8, 2017 and is a result of research done at the university. There are nine co-inventors who contributed to the invention. The other co-inventors include Muratahan Aykol, Moraga, California, Soo Kim, Skokie, Illinois, and Zhi Lu.

Another Santa Clarita, California, inventor has patented a system for a group-buying service. The product is called Groupon, and has a patent for its technology. It was developed by Northwestern University professors and alumni, and was assigned to the company. The patented system facilitates payments and redemptions for deal participants. It also includes a secure way for a user to manage their subscriptions.

Mr. Chan is currently the Associate General Counsel at Facebook, where he leads a team that is responsible for developing the company’s global patent portfolio. He also works on strategic intellectual property transactions and risk mitigation initiatives. He also supports efforts to increase diversity in the tech industry.

Perfect Market

Santa Clarita, California is home to the Silicon Valley International Invention Festival. The festival is a premier showcase for state-of-the-art inventions from around the world, and provides an ideal marketplace for inventors to commercialize their products. Sponsored by the City of Santa Clarita and the Geneva Invention Exhibition, the event provides benefits to the community and participants alike.

Patent litigation is increasingly hostile to inventors, with courts granting exorbitant damages awards in recent years. This trend has led scholars and policymakers to call for limits on damages awarded to SEP owners. The courts have also been urged to restrict the terms of standard essential technology licensing.

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Hewlett-Packard Development

The HP Garage on Addison Avenue has been designated a California Historical Landmark. The plaque describes it as the birthplace of Silicon Valley. The garage is still used for corporate meetings. The company has occasionally opened it to the public for special events. It is owned by HP, but it is no longer used for its production of computer hardware.

HPE has been based in Palo Alto for nearly seven decades. Its founders started the company in a garage and it has since expanded to an entire campus. But HP employees are not surprised that the company is moving. Agilent, the company that was once owned by HP, focused on early engineering projects.

PHI has worked with UCLA to coordinate a press release and educational opportunities related to the project. While most of the facility will remain off limits to the public, PHI will make use of its space to promote interest in film, music, and other arts. PHI hopes to attract cinefiles, film enthusiasts, and the casual moviegoer alike.

HPE was founded during the era of optimism after World War II. Founders William Hewlett and David Packard were students of Dr. Frederick Terman at Stanford University, where they studied electrical engineering. Terman believed that the graduates would benefit from his vision of a community of technical scholars. He was named provost of the university in 1955 and then vice president in 1958.

Another new business to expand into Santa Clarita includes Applied Materials, a global tech company. The company has subleased a portion of the 3333 Scott Boulevard building to other companies, including Aruba Networks. The company also has another office building across the street and several other major corporate office buildings in the area.

Metologic Instruments

Metologic Instruments is a Santa Clarita-based company that provides meteorological and environmental services. The company has been in business for more than a century and has become a trusted source of weather information for the community. Its products and services help the community stay informed about weather conditions, and are easy to use. Whether you’re looking for a specific instrument for a particular location or you want to automate a process, Metologic Instruments can help you achieve the right results.