Inventors and Patents From the City of Warrenville

The City of Warrenville is home to several inventors and patents. These include an agricultural combine grain module, a signal interconnect incorporating multiple modular units, and a wristband carrier with label and snap closure. The following article will discuss some of these inventions.

Inventors of a grain module for an agricultural combine

A grain module is a specialized agricultural machine which consists of a longitudinally elongated grain tank and an endless conveyor conduit that feeds grain into and out of the grain tank. It may be the rear or front section of the articulated combine vehicle, and can also include grain threshing and separating systems.

Warrenville residents listed the city’s natural setting and trails as its biggest assets. They also cited the small town character and the friendly people. These advantages are consistent with the Warrenville Strategic Plan, which outlines the city’s objectives and strategies to implement them. This plan will also measure the city’s performance and adjust as needed.

Inventors of a signal interconnect incorporating multiple modular units

Inventors of a signal inter-connect incorporating multiple modular units have been assigned a patent. Their invention involves a control system for mounted light assemblies and a siren. The control system includes a primary lights button 185, secondary lights button 187, flasher rear button 189, take down button 191, right alley button 193, and left alley button 194. A display 197 indicates which mode is operating. In addition, a directional control 199 allows the operator to enable flashing directional lighting assemblies. Similarly, the siren control 201 allows the operator to enable various siren modes.

The invention was developed by researchers from the City of Warrenville. The team also included Shoup, R.W., Long, F., and Martin, T.H., as well as Scullin, V.J., Garcia, Christopher P., and Jakupca, Ian J.

Inventors of a wristband carrier with snap closure and label

The invention is a wristband carrier with a label and snap closure. The patent application was filed on Feb. 8, 2006 by B.P. North America, based in Warrenville, Ill., and Joseph G. Lares, of Barnegat, N.J. Sanjay K. Amin, of Clarksburg, Md., also filed for the patent.