Incubator Accelerator For Startup Founder in Iowa

If you are an aspiring startup founder in Iowa, you should definitely consider applying to one of the incubator programs. These programs help startups develop and launch their businesses with the help of resources and training. The success of a business not only benefits the owner, but also the community and employees. For example, one company that was developed at Iowa State University, Gross-Wen Technologies, was selected for the program. The company is involved in environmental research and developed a cost-effective way to recover nutrients from wastewater.

Founder Firesides

A SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founders in the state of Iowa can provide startups with financial, operational, and mentoring assistance. The state’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) and the Iowa Innovation Corporation (IIC) are both strong supporters of local startups. The EDCA provides financial and operational support and the Iowa Innovation Corporation helps startups apply for SBIR grants. In addition, these organizations foster homegrown Iowa companies and help out-of-state startups to start in Iowa.

The Iowa SBDC offers free and discounted business advice to startup founders. The organization also provides a 10-person conference room, an 8-ft-wide whiteboard, and access to subject matter experts. A SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founders in Iowa also offers a mentoring program and workshops that help startup founders build their business. These resources are invaluable for a startup’s growth, and the SBDC provides them at no charge.

Entrepreneurs and investors in Iowa can participate in events organized by Iowa State University, including TechBrew, which is a casual meetup for entrepreneurs and techies in Cedar Rapids. TechBrew is an opportunity to network with entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences. The SBDC also offers free consultations with entrepreneurs in residence and helps startups with grant applications. Lastly, entrepreneurs can participate in EntreFEST, an annual two-day conference for entrepreneurs in Iowa City.


The ExCITE SBDC incubator is an effective tool for developing a startup in Iowa. The program provides free professional business advice and a network of mentors, and helps startups grow and succeed. Its services are tailored to meet the needs of each startup, with a $25K investment in the first stage and a gradual progression of resources appropriate for each stage. The program also offers a comprehensive information service, which includes access to a subject matter expert who can help the company navigate its way through the various stages.


If you’re a startup founder looking to raise capital to help grow your business, an incubator can be the perfect option. EPIC SBDC offers funding and mentorship, along with access to a network of investors and advisors. There are also four distinct investment stages for startup companies. The first stage provides $25K investment, while the next stage provides a progression of resources. Moreover, it’s located in a fast-growing area in Iowa City called Research Park.

The incubator provides an excellent workspace where startups can develop their business. They can also access training programs, mentorship, and free consulting from entrepreneurs in residence. They also help start-ups access funding through various grants and other resources. EPIC SBDC is unique in its ag-tech infrastructure, including greenhouses. The program’s programs are designed to help startups develop technology that helps mankind. EPIC SBDC has over $30 million in funding since its inception.


Iowa Seed Capital Investment offers up to $50,000 to startups with a product-market fit. In addition, Iowa SBDC has mentors in residence to work with companies on key aspects of their business, including customer discovery, financial modeling, sales, marketing, hiring, and more. The program offers a diverse network of mentors who can help companies succeed. The program also helps startups connect with a network of investors to help them grow their company.

The Dreamit SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founder in Iowa provides free office space to startups. There are also discounted C-suite services available, as well as discounted access to marketing and CIO/CTO/CMO experts. In addition to the free office space, entrepreneurs may also take advantage of the program’s Code School, which can help them hire technical talent for their startups. Additionally, Iowa SBDC provides mentorship and mentoring to companies looking to expand.

Unlike traditional accelerators, the Dreamit SBDC incubator is designed for startups that have gained some market traction and are ready to scale. Startups do not have to relocate, but they must attend two-week multi-city “sprints” to pitch to investors. During each sprint, Dreamit invests up to $500,000 in participating companies and offers up to $150,000 in advisor equity. Cohorts consist of eight to twelve startups in a given vertical.

Rebel Venture Fund

There are several ways to fund your new venture. An SBDC incubator can provide seed funding, mentorship, and product development expertise. The Rebel Venture Fund can provide these resources, as well as an investor pool and mentors. There are also several events that you can attend as a startup founder. For example, if you have a new product or service, you can pitch it to investors at the Innovation EXPO.

One such SBDC incubator is the Rebel Venture Fund, which is run by student volunteers. The Fund provides seed capital for Iowa startups and helps them raise money. The fund prioritizes more developed companies, and investors can receive a stake worth between $10,000 and $50,000 in exchange for an equity position. There are various criteria to qualify for funding, and you should read the criteria carefully before applying. If you think your startup could benefit from funding, contact the SBDC and apply.

Iowa Startup Accelerator

If you’re a startup founder in Iowa, you may not be aware of all the resources available to you. The SBDC in Iowa provides free, customized business advice and presents affordable workshops. These resources also offer access to subject matter experts. These organizations are composed of business leaders, technology experts, and entrepreneurs from the local area. They’re here to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their companies. They’re committed to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in Iowa, and they’re dedicated to helping their local community grow.

The state’s public research universities are at the heart of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, with combined research expenditures of $850 million in 2017. This innovation often results in new companies and markets, which can help the state’s economy. The Iowa State University’s Startup Factory aims to nurture startup companies, from their initial stage to investor-ready status. Meanwhile, the University of Iowa’s Hawkeye Startup Accelerator serves innovators with weekly pitches and lectures.

If you’re a full-time entrepreneur with a technology-enabled business idea and a viable business model, you can apply for a grant from the SBDC. There are many SBDCs across the state, and the first step is to develop a business plan and pitch it to a local business mentor. In order to be considered for a grant, you may need to take classes and submit a business plan. The Iowa SBDC offers one-on-one business mentoring as part of the application process. If you’re accepted, you may be able to transfer to a different location if you’re unable to finish the application process in one location.