SBDC Incubator Accelerator For Startup Founder in Ohio

If you’re a startup founder in Ohio, you can’t go wrong by joining an SBDC incubator accelerator program. This program helps small businesses grow and thrive in the Columbus area, and there are several different options to choose from. One such program is the Idea Foundry, which focuses on helping entrepreneurs launch their businesses. The Idea Foundry offers events, workshops, and classes, as well as co-working space. One Columbus also helps local entrepreneurs stand out by serving as a central business location. They also assist in fostering an adaptive workforce and regional growth strategy.


The SBDC is a nationwide network of organizations that assist entrepreneurs. They provide workshops, seminars, and one-on-one consulting. They also host events at the Akron Global Business Accelerator. Alumni of the program can be helpful mentors for startup founders in their early stages. They can also offer advice on how to grow their business. The SBDC also offers free office space for startup founders.

The President’s Buckeye Accelerator, based at the Ohio State University, focuses on fostering entrepreneurial skills through deep mentorships. It also provides access to additional funding and capital to entrepreneurs. The program focuses on customer-centric solutions and commercial excellence, and startups benefit from lifestyle coaching. The incubator also pairs startups with investors and corporate partners for a customized mentorship program.

The Keenen Center for Entrepreneurship at The Ohio State University provides education and resources to support the entrepreneurial community in Columbus, Ohio. The program helps local startups grow by providing mentorship, programming resources, and early-stage capital. It also helps businesses connect with other entrepreneurs. Startups can utilize the incubator’s co-working space to meet the needs of the community and learn from successful other companies.

The Hamilton Mill

The Hamilton Mill, a 501c3 business incubator, has undergone a significant transformation over the past 15 years. It was originally a general business incubator but has since focused on advanced manufacturing and cleantech startups. Its mission is to empower early stage companies to grow by providing technical and business resources. The Hamilton Mill also offers a variety of strategic partnerships. These include business mentors, shared-space/offices, professional assistance and capital.

The Hamilton Mill has recently redesigned its building to serve startup companies better. It has brought on a dozen new tenants. The first company is Searen, a water treatment solution provider with patented vacuum airlift technology. Founders Emmanuel Briquet, John Brooks, and Tom Andrews are advancing the company with a compelling value proposition: a unique water treatment device that replaces aging legacy hardware. This technology reduces operating costs and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals.

The Hamilton Mill has received $50,000 from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to launch its new entrepreneurial program. The program is called “Students for Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship” and will work with students from Butler Technology and Career Development Schools. The program currently takes place in the Ross school district, but will be relocated to The Mill. Students will be required to develop a business idea and a commercialization plan. In addition, they must also come up with marketing and sales strategies for their startup.

Founded in 1980, the SBDC network has since expanded to over 1,000 centers across the country. The SBDC network is made possible through partnerships between the SBA, private sector, state governments and colleges. Approximately one million small business owners receive management assistance from SBDCs every year. The network has the resources and expertise to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in growing their companies. Its unique approach and curriculum allows entrepreneurs to transform their vision into a profitable business.

The Keenen Center for Entrepreneurship

The Tim and Kathleen Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship aims to promote entrepreneurship at the Ohio State University. The program promotes the creation of new businesses and offers entrepreneurs early-stage capital and startup talent. The center also has robust programming resources and access to mentors and experts in areas such as finance, accounting, and research. Here, entrepreneurs can expect to receive individualized business mentoring and training.

The Center offers an accelerator program and a makerspace that share resources and support for startups. The center also offers virtual streaming services, co-working space, and consultation services. The program aims to help startup businesses launch and overcome barriers to success. It is also associated with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. It invests in the success of local entrepreneurs by providing a range of resources, networking opportunities, and government relations. Startup companies can also benefit from their expertise, network, and industry contacts.

As a part of the SBDC, the Keenen Center for Entrepreneurship offers customized mentorship and support for startups in the field of entrepreneurship. It aims to help startups achieve their commercial and consumer-centric vision through deep mentorships. It also provides access to additional capital and corporate partnerships. The center aims to empower startups through lifestyle coaching and business-building.

Sun Down Run Down Group

The President’s Buckeye Accelerator at The Ohio State University is a venture builder program aimed at identifying and assisting student founders. It aims to foster entrepreneurial skills and connect them with additional funding and capital through deep mentorships. Its portfolio companies undergo lifestyle coaching and receive capital investments. Its founders will also have access to an extensive network of investors and corporate partners.

Rev1 Ventures

The Rev1 Ventures SBDC incubator accelerator in Ohio offers a unique approach to helping early-stage companies grow and scale. It helps startups secure the first round of capital, develop a product, and achieve first revenue. Rev1 is not a traditional incubator, accelerator, or investor, but a hybrid of the three. It provides capital, strategic services, and connections to innovators and entrepreneurs that help startups grow.

The Rev1 Ventures incubator accelerator program for startup founders in Columbus, Ohio, provides access to mentorship and resources that can help them achieve their goals. With the help of a network of experts, entrepreneurs are exposed to digital, marketing, and communication support. Founders also have access to investors and private equity funding. The REV1 Investor Startup Studio is a sector-agnostic incubator that connects startups with corporate partners and provides customized mentorship and support. In addition to providing access to capital, REV1 helps startups get access to corporate partners, which provide pilots and direct feedback.

Rev1 Ventures is part of a larger network of entrepreneurs in Ohio. In addition to the incubator accelerator, it also hosts a makerspace. Both programs help entrepreneurs launch and grow their companies. The Keenen Center for Entrepreneurship at The Ohio State University supports the entrepreneurial community in Columbus by providing education, mentorship, programming resources, and early-stage capital. The Keenen Center is a hub for entrepreneurs and startups, supporting the growth of the entrepreneurial community in the region.

Among the benefits of working with Rev1, Ohio offers a network of over 40 professional service firms that provide discounted services to its clients. Founders can benefit from individualized consultations, one-on-one advising, workshops, and access to business resources, including startup capital. In addition, the Rev1 also provides access to expert accountants, finance professionals, and research specialists, all at a discounted rate.